Project 4B

It has been awhile since I have posted my “Project 4B” on the Angel disscussion board, so here are some after thoughts.  I would include the pictures but I am currently using a different computer and it might just be easier to link you to my project post here.  As I have, breifly, stated in the project post I am moving and so have been busy with other things; I guess I am trying to say that I feel as though I have not dedicated as much time as I should have to my academics.  I neve got around to actually, physically, checking out any of the artist exhibits so I don’t think I can talk much about that, although I have checked out a lot of the sites and saw some thier works.  I can’t point out any “favorites” but I especially liked Jim Campbell and his shodow/light art peices.  I like the fact that he uses electricity to portray art, that idea is what tickles me the most and especially thinking back to the past few thunderstorms, electricity and lightning seem to be very abstract things and are so (for lack of a better word) energetic.  It is there and then it is gone, and Jim takes that abstract, incorpreal, force and slows it down and condenses it into a dance, it is still lively and fleeting but it seems more permenant and emotional.

Anyway, I was actually hoping to dscuss my thoughts on the latest project but went off on a tangent.  Yes I did draw the stickfigures myself, and actually I was hoping to draw more detailed and realistic figures, but like I said, I was moving (and still am I need to wrap this up) and didn’t have enough time to dedicate to the project.  To be honest, I didn’t like the project all that much anyway, especially the Google Sketch-up bit; and I know that is what the project was really about, but it is just not my forte and I hate the thought of losing points because of it.  Oh well, I turned it in and my mindset is that “something is better than nothing”… still would have liked to have spent more time on it.


One thought on “Project 4B

  1. Good luck with your move, Forest! This has been a challenging class to combine with a move. I just moved in Nov., so I know your pain. I will be celebrating the end of the semester by unpacking yet MORE boxes in the garage this week! Be blessed & best of luck!!!

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