Project 3 (Part A)

I have never done a storyboard before (but I’m sure that goes without saying) so I hope I did alright with this storyboard.  I feel as though I am prone to writing more than anything else, not that it is relevant to anything, it is just sometimes you learn something about yourself when doing homework (or maybe it is just me).  SPEAKING of which!  I need to start focusing on the parameters of Project 1B; can anyone suggest a case study?


One thought on “Project 3 (Part A)

  1. The storyboard was a new one for me, too. I am totally out of my comfort range for the video mash up, so we shall see how that works out! 🙂 I wanted to recommend Laurie Fulk’s website for ideas on events in the area that you can attend & then write about. She has added some great links to her blog!

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