So I am fiddling around with this WordPress thing, I’m still new to it and the tutorials didn’t help as much as I would have liked.  Apparently this is an “aside” and if it is anything that I suspect then this should be what I expect (duh), anyway fingers crossed; I hope I can do well enough with this WordPress thing.


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  1. zachman117 says:

    A couple of pro-tips.
    1. Just relax. The site really is easy to use. You just need to practice with the dashboard. By the way, your posts must contain visual art. If you are ever at a loss for what to post, just post something about one of the artists listed on the syllabus page. You could post a review of their artwork (your interpretation), you could write about their life, you could even tie it into something else. Just remember: (at least) Three of your posts must be about these artists. And please try to avoid posting the same one twice. I would not risk it, but then again, I am extremely paranoid about my grades.

    2. The posts must be at least 150 words, in addition to containing visual art. They must ALWAYS relate to the class. Also remember that you must post all three projects after the first (to earn extra brownie points, you could also post both part A, and the finished product with part B). To add pictures to the post, modify the picture in photoshop (using the tutorial in the project 1 folder. You must have photoshop. There is a link in the syllabus for the adobe website where you can get a free, 30-day trial of Photoshop CS6, the recommended software variant) to the correct resolution and quality, or at least a quality that you are satisfied with, then save it as a .jpg file in your documents. Then, begin by starting a post. There is a button in wordpress at the top of the page used to write posts. That will allow you to add pictures. Just place the cursor where you want the picture to appear, click the button, select your refined picture, and you are done (think of Microsoft word).

    3. You should have AT LEAST seven posts by the end of the semester, all meeting the criteria listed in project 1 and in this comment. Another good way to start (and add another post under your belt), is to give a proper introduction post (again, meeting ALL the criteria, including visual art). For a good example of this, read my introduction post at Just follow my lead. Please note, that I am a huge Bungie fan. This will be obvious (you have been warned).

    4. Get started. NOW. This blog should have a proper post by TOMORROW, MAY 24, at 11:59 PM, to earn a maximum grade.

    5. If you have any questions, email me! You can contact me the fastest at, or at Also, don’t be afraid to ask the teacher!

    6. You must comment on other classmate’s blog posts AT LEAST TEN TIMES (throughout the semester).

    7. If all this seems like too much, step back, take a deep breath, and relax. I practically write for a living (I am trying to write not one, not two, but three books, as I post this comment. I also have a job at, though no articles of mine have been posted. Or finished…), so it comes naturally to me. If it does not for you, just follow my lead by looking at my posts. I’m not saying you should cheat off me (your posts should be as original as mine. I do not take kindly to plagiarism), but you can definitely take notes. Just relax, and use common sense. And take comfort in the fact that you are not the only one struggling to get started. Per audacia ad astra. Good luck!

  2. I forgot to mention, this comment was by me, Zachary Holtzman, though you probably guessed that already.

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