Project 2 (A)

I’m no Picasso, but here it is, I finished drawing all of my stuff awhile ago, and only recently scanned it in.  I managed to get four.  Four of the six and then the scanner peter-ed out on me; I’m not sure what is wrong with it, I tried everything a sane man would and then I tried hot tea (it normally works for me), anyway I guess it is just old and I need a new one.  I saw we will end up with only 3 by the end of Part B so maybe it won’t matter too much, but I made sure to alert the Instructor.  Can’t wait to see all of yours’s’, so cheers!

(Didn’t realize I  could post the picture with my actual post so there is a duplicate; huhImage


Project 2 (A) 4/6

Project 2 (A) 4/6

It is up-side-down unfortunately, but yes, it IS a key (key+keychain=movingparts) and the other thing is a spyglass (not a telescope)

So I am fiddling around with this WordPress thing, I’m still new to it and the tutorials didn’t help as much as I would have liked.  Apparently this is an “aside” and if it is anything that I suspect then this should be what I expect (duh), anyway fingers crossed; I hope I can do well enough with this WordPress thing.

So this is “Part A” of a semester long project given to my by one, Professor Shiflet, the instructor of my online course entitled Digital Design Foundation.  If you are reading this and think that I have written this just for you, you are sorely mistaken; I often times find myself recapping the events of my life and spacing out more than I care to recount.  I had written over three hundred words and then deleted them, if that doesn’t tell you how eager I am to say nothing then I don’t know what is.

I have never been a fan of blogging, but because I am being graded on it I may as well participate; just know that once this is over and I never have to do this again *[DELETE]*.  Personally (and this is what I hate about it), I can’t understand why people would want to share the events of their life with strangers; I mean, I can understand certain blogs that discuss the events of important projects and/or events, but then there are social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Ugh! I don’t want to say anything else because I am starting to feel hypocritical.

This is me.  I am me.

No one else in the world can be me,

but you are welcome to try.


Can you try to be me?

I could tell you many things

but that wouldn’t make you me.


Hannah, Greg, Jim, Josey,

Abrosch, and Felicity


They could know Forest and given the oppertunity,

Forest could know them; but they will never know me.

Look in the mirror, and say: “I am me.”